CBD For Ferrets: A Complete Informational Guide

CBD has gained a lot of popularity in the last two decades. From an unknown cannabinoid to a household name, people are using it for themselves and, increasingly, their animals. But could CBD for ferrets actually be useful? Is it even safe?

A Black ferret sniffing a CBD pippette with a brown blanket background | CBD For Ferrets: A Complete Informational Guide

You may have scrolled through forums searching for answers, only to come away more confused. We’ve all been there. That’s why, in this article, we are going to provide you with all the facts.

From safety and effectiveness concerns to potential benefits and studies that back them up; we will provide you with a comprehensive guide. But please remember to visit a veterinarian before implementing any new supplement to your ferret’s diet.

Is CBD Safe For Ferrets?

CBD is a cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant. It is non-psychotic and contains chemicals that promote health benefits in humans and animals. Because it is a natural compound, it is non-toxic and impossible to overdose on, making it completely safe for ferrets.

Is CBD Effective For Ferrets?

Like all animals, with the exception of insects, ferrets have an endocannabinoid system. This contains two different receptors which react to cannabinoids and use them to regulate bodily functions. Even we as humans have this system!

In ferrets, using CBD to trigger the endocannabinoid system can help them regulate things like sleep, pain, or even their appetite. CBD also provides anti-sickness properties, which is great for helping your ferret recover from injury faster!

Will CBD Make My Ferret High?

CBD is non-psychoactive, which means it contains all the health benefits without the high you’d usually associate with cannabis. This comes from another cannabinoid, THC, which is psychoactive.

Although the high may be pleasurable in humans, it can be extremely harmful in ferrets. The compounds within THC are toxic to ferrets so we strongly advise you avoid CBD products containing THC.

The best way to achieve finding pure CBD products is to read the ingredients or look for pet-safe CBD specifically.

Potential Benefits of CBD For Ferrets

The rise in popularity of CBD in the last decade has made researchers look into the benefits for many animals. Although research into CBD for ferrets is still limited, there are a few studies that have started to emerge.

Even without ferret-specific results, animal research studies provide us with a lot of information. Small animals, like rats and mice, are regularly used for these studies. Their cannabinoid systems react similarly to ferrets, allowing us to conclude potential benefits.

As CBD for ferrets becomes more popular, more vets will take an interest. This allows them to provide personalized information for your ferret in the future.

In the meantime, here is a regularly updated section providing you with all the potential benefits of CBD for your ferret(s).

Insulinoma Tumor Shrinkage

Anecdotal evidence promoting the use of CBD in ferrets suggests it could be effective for shrinking tumors associated with insulinoma. This is usually in accordance with the standard steroid treatment, so it isn’t a complete miracle worker, but it may enhance the results.

There aren’t many studies on tumor shrinkage from CBD in ferrets specifically, but other animal model studies are promising.

One research study from late 2021 featuring mice with glioblastoma suggests CBD provides anti-cancer activities. The researchers reported that CBD altered many factors necessary for tumor growth, and limited the growth of tumors overall.

Although studies are in their early stages, and anecdotal evidence isn’t exactly scientific, it sounds promising. But if you go to try this, please do not stop giving your ferret the necessary steroids. Doing so could put them at risk of the tumors advancing, and premature death, if the CBD fails.

Pain Relief

A 2021 study using mice showed that CBD could be a crucial pain relief method in animals and humans. This study found that mice with neuropathy, or chronic pain throughout the body, noticed an improvement when using a specific strain of CBD.

This information is crucial for ferrets, who may be more susceptible to pain as they get older. Many of the diseases they get throughout their life may come with a side effect of pain.

Another study into rats found that CBD helped with the perception of pain. This means that even when the rat was feeling pain, they didn’t perceive the sensation and therefore were not phased by this.

If this is something relieved by CBD, it could help ferrets with chronic conditions such as arthritis where there is no instant cure for their pain.

Anti Sickness

In a study that studied ferrets specifically, it was found the CB1 receptors in a ferret’s endocannabinoid system had effective anti-sickness properties.

If your ferret is suffering from sickness due to illness or medication, CBD is a natural way of curbing those side effects. Equally, if your ferret gets travel sick, CBD could help on long journeys or even simple visits to the vets.

What Type Of CBD Should I Give My Ferret?

There are many different forms that CBD comes in, but the safest form to give your ferret is CBD oil. While tinctures and sprays can be tempting, they may be infused with alcohol and other essential oils that can potentially harm your ferret.

Even then, not all CBD oil is created equally. You need to make sure you’re looking for one with no THC content as this can be toxic for your ferret. Making a mistake could have devastating consequences.

When looking for CBD oil for ferrets, look for ones that have been manufactured for pets. These have higher standards and mean your ferret won’t be harmed in the process.

You should also be able to find information online that tells you about the research before the product hit the shelves. You should be looking for third-party lab testing. This ensures the CBD oil was verified by an independent party before the sale.

What Dosage Of CBD Should I Start At?

In humans, it’s recommended you dose at 1MG of CBD per pound you weigh. Even though you cannot overdose, such a high concentration for a small animal isn’t beneficial.

Instead, aim for even smaller numbers. The bottle may tell you a beginner dosage based on the weight of your ferret, but if not, .25mg per pound works well. This may mean you give your ferret less than 1MG of CBD oil to begin with, but you can build this up over time.

Should I Consult A Vet Before Giving My Ferret CBD?

Absolutely! Despite anecdotal evidence, and research studies, CBD for ferrets is still in its very early stages. It isn’t suggested as a mainstream treatment for illnesses and diseases in ferrets and you should tread cautiously.

Many vets in the US are becoming more open to the idea of eventually using CBD in mainstream practices. Even now, however, many are aware of the benefits and can advise you accordingly.

While we do our best to provide accurate information at Small Pet Support, this blog post is not a substitute for veterinary advice. You should always consult a professional before making any changes to your ferret(s) medication regime.

Final Thoughts

CBD for ferrets is relatively harmless based on what we currently know. Though there are few research studies and little anecdotal evidence targeting ferrets directly, our knowledge of other animals provides us with great insight. From insomnia to sickness and even pain, there are a lot of benefits CBD can provide to our furry friends.

When choosing your method, you should look for something that is pure and completely free of THC as this could be toxic to your ferret. We suggest CBD oil products exclusively.

As always, however, we are not vets. If you are looking to make changes to your ferret’s well-being regime or are simply curious, please ask your vet before using CBD at your next appointment.

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