About Us

Supporting your small pet to its full potential can be difficult. Especially when information isn’t easily sourced, or understood.

We get it. And that’s why we created Small Pet Support; so you can love your pet, and be the best owner possible.

Our founder fell in love with small pets from the moment her parents bought home a set of sable ferrets when she was just a few years old. A few years later, she became besotted with a white Syrian hamster, Snowy, and since then, her love for small animals has only grown.

This love came with the realization that resources for smaller pets is extremely limited. Resources are often either completely removed, or vague and lack the accuracy our site prides itself on.

At Small Pet Support, we provide no-nonsense, practical and accurate information that covers the whole story and tells you exactly how to look after your pet.

The Small Pets We Cover Include:

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If you have anymore questions, or you think there’s something we might not have covered, please feel free to let us know using the contact page.