Do Ferrets Stink Up Your House? How To Control It

Do ferrets stink up your house? It’s the question most ferret-owners-to-be have. And it’s normal if you are second-guessing your decision because of it. While ferrets are known as lovable and intelligent animals, their stinky reputation often outweighs this. That’s only natural when you’re considering bringing something new into your space. After all, you don’t …

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Are Hamster Balls Safe? What You Must Know

Hamster balls are one of the most recommended exercise methods for hamsters. But with anecdotal evidence on forums, social media, and the news suggesting safety concerns, are hamster balls safe?

We researched the expert opinion, and provided in-depth advice about alternatives that you can use should you choose not to let your hamster in a hamster ball.

9 Reasons Ferrets Are High Maintenance Pets

Despite their limited lifespan and small stature, ferrets are extremely high-maintenance pets. They require as much care and attention as larger pets, like cats and dogs, and can be incredibly expensive. They require lots of care and attention to raise a tame ferret who isn’t at risk of damaging their local ecosystem, so they aren’t the best option for everyone.

Do Ferrets Kill Rats? Everything You Must Know

It’s frustrating having to deal with rats scurrying around your walls 24/7. Perhaps they’re on your land, eating your vegetables or disturbing other animals. But there’s no need to fear. Ferrets are as good as dogs and cats when it comes to their predatory nature. But do ferrets kill rats? And is it the best option?

Where Are Ferrets Legal and Illegal In The US? (2022)

Ferrets are classified as exotic animals in the US, and their reputation as invasive species has some states more concerned than others. Despite this, ferrets are legal in most US states, though some cities may take their own stance. Even in legal states, owning ferrets often comes with restrictions that can make the process incredibly …

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